Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The White House or Parliament Hill seen from Above

The White House or Parliament Hill seen from Above.

Be it notorious to all, that the White House
has a front half moon shape in white, as does
the rivers edge of Canada's Parliament Hill .
This "on purpose" and to enhance the thorn
crown, coincides with the page header logo of
this blog, that has a white half moon and then
straight rectangles off to each edge...!

Who's side is God on

frederick January 7th, 2009 12:00 pm ET


Well, first of all, we have to ask which God ?
Secondly we have to ask, if there is a God or God(s)…?
And thirdly, why would a God side for anybody ? Unless
this God showed clearly who this God favour’s…?

In some other words…!

Who is right, and if God or the Gods, favor
who is right…!, and what is just and right…!

Surrey, BC. Canada

Theology Faculties...!

I was observing, be it a good thing or not...!
That U.S.A. has most of it's " old Theology"
faculties separated from main name Universities...!

And Canada has most main name Universities,
with the "old Theology" faculties...!

Could this mean that USA is less christian good
and moral, than Canada...? Or is it the other
way around, or the same way...! As they just play
differently to the public or "crowd"...!

Because they both like "crucifying", and defending
old beliefs, under the "pre-text", of some kind
of hate "speech", or "dis-respect", or whatever...!